Grand Lisbon Segway Tour

Our epic Grand Segway Tour that covers most of the city center and old town, the true experience of Lisbon that no one can miss out!

Starting from Alfama near the cruise port, we provide a complete training on how to drive the Segway through the streets of the city so we can safely explore the hidden gems of Lisbon. Our first stop will be the along the river in the Commerce Square, one of the largest squares in Europe, very famous for the history related with the discoveries and exploration from the 1500’s until recently.

Moving on we get to see the City Hall, the executive building of the council, displayed on the Municipal Square, already giving you the hint that we start to climb the hills. Effectively, we glide up to Largo do Carmo, where we can find the remains of Carmo Convent, left from the major earthquake on 1775, and also the main stage of the Carnation Revolution back in 1974 – get the insights of these amazing stories while chilling on this beautiful and quaint little square.

Afterwards, we start to climb down to one of the most amazing avenues of Lisbon, Ave. de Liberdade – the place where we find the most extravagant and luxurious stores from all around the world, and beautiful buildings with the most exquisite architecture. We get to rest on top of the hill, after we explored the Edward VII Park, with its privileged views over the city, beautiful installations, and epic monuments – the “highest” point on our Grand Tour, all the way up in the heart of the city.

On our way downhill we stop at one of the main squares in Lisbon, Rossio Plaza – one of the best examples of the recovery of the major earthquake, and intelligent city planing – take your time to enjoy the intricate portuguese calçada: the black and white limestones with beautiful patterns that cover the sidewalks of this ancient city.

We still have the old town to explore, and here we have a lot – to climb! We get to discover the most beautiful miradouros, where we get to see the most amazing panoramic views over the city – your effort will be worthwhile!

From here to Alfama is a quick jolt, where we get deeper in the cosy streets and get acquainted with the most typical sites and people of the old town of Lisbon.

Come with us on this Segway journey and expect to see a lot in this Grand Lisbon Segway Tour on the city center and old town, where your guide will take you to see the most amazing spots throughout.