Relax and enjoy the beautiful shoreline of Lisbon

Let’s get ready to ride the beautiful bike lanes along the shoreline of Tagus River, breaking no sweat on the futuristic Segway.

Contemplate the idyllic coastline where the Tagus River kisses the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful monuments and buildings along the river – learn the interesting history of the great sailors of the discoveries as we move around the central square of Terreiro do Paço, the entrance of the city if you were a sailor in the 17th century.

Enjoy the ride in the bustling city of Lisbon as we drive through Cais do Sodré with much of the nightlife environment, vintage cafés and lively bars scattered in colourful streets. As we glide through the modern bike paths along the coast and reach the main luxury marina of Lisbon – an awesome spot under the famous Red Bridge across the Tagus river where you can take your time to rest and take beautiful scenic pictures with your group – we also encounter more modern architecture in structures like the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, right next to an old powerstation that housed the Museum of Electricity.

Choosing the 3 hour tour you get to ride more along the breezy coastline to see famous buildigs like the medieval Torre de Belém, the Museum of Contemporany Art or the monastery of Jerónimos – get to taste the famous custard cake typical of this area, the Pastel de Belém.

This is the perfect tour if you want to get out of the bustling old town and ride the wind along the coast. Along this tour you can find the most amazing views – perfect backgrounds for recording your videos riding your Segway through brand new bicycle lanes, typical cobblestone squares and beautiful broad walks along the river.