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City viewpoint of Lisbon

Our Mission

Impressions first! It’s not just a slogan, it is our goal. We love the cities where we offer tours, and our mission is to show the city in easy and fun way. You will not be scared on our tours, you will find the gems of the city accompanied by a local guide.
Our torus are for all the ages (with some exceptions in Barcelona, where minimal age to drive a segway is 16). The elder person for now was 86 years old, and she was happy as a kid feeling the ease of movement!
Euro Segway offers tours are suitable for individuals, romantic couples, families, bachelor parties, hen-do weekends, company events and much more.

The History

Euro Segway Tours International was established on 2009. Since this, we open offices in Prague, Barcelona, Budapest, Madrid and Lisbon.
Unfortunately, we close office in Madrid during COVID pandemic, it was too problematic to keep premises for almost 2 years without any country support and lease discounts.
However now we continue working hard in 4 cities now, providing high quality live guided tours.
In Prague we do tours on Trikes, on eScooters, on Segways and soft Fat Tire eBikes.
In Budapest we do tours on eScooters, on Segways and soft Fat Tire eBikes.
In Barcelona we do tours on Segways and eScooters, there are different regulations.
In Lisbon now we do tours on Segways but seems that we will add another kind of transportation soon.

Loyalty Program

For all our guests we provide Loyalty Cards after the tours. This cards offering 10% discounts for a whole group up to 10 people, except corporate events. Also these cards accepted in the partner’s offices, the full list of cities where cards accepted you can see on the web eurosegway.com

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